Why learn to cook?

Cheaper, healthier and tastier!

Sick of relying on convenience food? Spending too much money? Inspired by TikTok, but never actually cook anything you see? It’s time to learn to cook!

Home-cooked meals are healthier, cheaper – and once you know how, tastier too.

Learn to create meals from scratch. Balance and adjust flavours. Whip up dinner in 15 minutes. Join our fun classes, and we’ll teach you how. It’s a life skill that everyone should learn, and that’s why we’re here! Try a free class, or have a browse of our three top reasons to learn.


By learning to cook, you’ll rely less on expensive convenience food. You’ll waste less. And understand how to turn humble ingredients into something special.

You’ll immediately and significantly reduce your food bills.


Relying less on convenience food is the best way to eat healthier.

When you learn to cook, you’ll be eating more meals from scratch, packed with veggies. Whipping up a quick wholesome meal will be far speedier than a “convenient’ alternative.


Learn to cook and you’ll understand how to taste, adjust and improve any dish.

You’ll be a master of building flavour, and creating lip-smacking dishes from scratch, using what you have.

We teach all this, and more in ‘Cook From Scratch – my 4 week course.  Check it out!