Free cooking course

Welcome to Cook From Scratch!  A free 4-week cooking course that’ll teach you the foundations of everyday cooking.

With one live class each week – we’ll whip up stunning dishes such as stir-fries, salads, pastas, curries and more, taking inspiration from the best cuisines across the world.  You’ll learn knife skills, how to build dishes using what you have, and how to master flavour.

Revolutionising how you learn to cook, there’s no course as intuitive, accessible and flexible.  We’ll cover everything you need, and nothing you don’t!  


To discover how Cook From Scratch works!


In 4 short weeks and with 4 live, energetic classes - you'll learn how to Cook From Scratch!


You'll understand the building blocks of tasty everyday dishes: pastas, salads, curries and stir-fries. You’ll have them mastered, and be able to create them with whatever ingredients you have!


You'll take a live class each week - lasting between 1hr30m & 2hrs.


You can select when you'd like to take each weekly class - from a couple of options!


All classes are live and interactive - the best and most effective way to learn. Fun and engaging, you can ask any question you like, any time!


Control & manage your course from My Course Hub. Book classes, access links & browse additional resources.


Access Additional Resources to compliment the live teaching. Including guides, how-to's, and 3-point plans.


My approach is to break the rules, cut the faff, and ditch the nonsense. Instead I'll champion simplicity, practical hacks, and basic common sense!


You'll pick up the foundations, pillars and essentials of everyday cooking. You'll feel confident in the kitchen, and equipped to whip up lip-smacking meals every single day!

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What will we cover?

Building blocks: How to build dishes you love, with what you have.  We’ll focus on the 4-core dishes; pastas, salads, curries and stir-fries!

Pillars: Our 4 pillars will teach you The Basics, then how to Cook Quicker, Cook Cheaper, and Cook Healthier. 

Hacks: Practical tips and tricks that work in real life, and make things easier!

What will you learn

Skills: To make your life easier & simpler 

Intuition: To freestyle and build dishes from scratch

Confidence: To be happy and in control in your kitchen 

How does it work?

Live classes: 1 live class every week.  You get a choice of when you take it!

Wealth of resources: That build around the live teaching.  Guides, 3-Point Plans & Building Blocks. 

Managed from your hub: You’ll have your own Course Hub, where you can manage and access your entire course!

What’s the ethos

Fun: Fun, engaging classes that make for an enjoyable and tasty evening!

Accessible: Accessible ingredients – with swaps and substitutes for everything.

Relatable: No nonsense. Real practical tips, tricks and hacks that actually work in the real world!

Who is this for?


New in the kitchen, looking for key skills, and to master core dishes.


Ready to improve techniques, develop knowledge, and conquer your kitchen!


Eager to ditch recipes, learning to build flavour and create dishes from scratch.


As soon as you book onto this cooking course you’ll receive a welcome email, and a welcome pack – introducing you to our online course, and how to get the most out of it.

You’ll get access to ‘My Course Hub’ – which is where you’ll manage and control your course from. It’s a one-stop-shop to book your classes, check your itinerary, access your Class Prep Sheets, and browse the course’s additional resources.

You’ll learn to cook from scratch – and how to do so more often at home. I’ll give you the skills, intuition and confidence you need to create dishes from scratch, on the fly. We’ll push you away from recipes, into a world of creating your own dishes, your way.

My 4 pillars respond to what’s important in the real world – basics, quicker, healthier, and cheaper.

There is no better cooking course to learn to cook!

This course lasts four weeks, and you’ll take one live, interactive class a week!  It’s the most compact, effective and fun way to learn.  I’ll teach you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

You can do this in ‘My Course Hub’. It’s a very simple, intuitive process, and only takes a few clicks! Once you’re booked, you’ll receive email confirmations & zoom links via email. Plus, all your itinerary will be stored in ‘My Course Hub’, so you have easy access to all your classes.

Cook From Scratch is the most flexible cooking course out there.  Each week there are a couple of time options available. If your plans change and you can no longer make the class you’ve booked, you can easily reschedule. Or you can ask for a recording!

Yup!  Live & interactive classes are the best way to learn.  Fun, engaging and effective.  This is the only online cooking course to offer fully live, interactive teaching – with flexible class times.

You need:
A laptop/tablet to join the classes from
A good internet connection
Ideally, the zoom app and a zoom account. Though you can simply join from your browser, without either of these

Throughout this cooking course, we keep equipment to an absolute minimum.  We’ll state the equipment needed for each class on the ‘Class Prep Sheet’.   And, if you ever are missing anything, we’ll always discover a solution with you in the class.

We’ll talk how to cook using less energy – and if you have an air fryer, you’re more than welcome to use it!  (Though you don’t need one to take the course)

I keep the ingredients simple and accessible.

For each of the four live & interactive classes, you’ll receive a ‘Class Prep Sheet’.  This sets out which ingredients you’ll need to buy for the class (as well as a small equipment list, tiny prep list, and the method for the recipes too).

Anyone and everyone is welcome to this cooking course!  For all the classes, I offer swaps/substitutions for all dietary requirements!  And, we encourage you to use up ingredients you already have.

Cookable is all about flexibility, so even if you forgot an ingredient, we’ll find a solution on the class!

This cooking course last four weeks, and there’s one live class each week.  I run the classes multiple times, so that you can choose when suits you best each week.

If you do happen to miss a class, I’ll share a class that has been recorded previously.

Yes it is!  Due to popular demand I run it continuously.  Years of experience, knowledge and expertise have gone into making it as good as it can be.  I’m really proud to offer it as my flagship cooking course – and it really is the best way to learn to cook in 4 weeks. 

For now, Cook From Scratch is the only cooking course we run.  However, we also run many individual classes too!  We have a series of Free Cooking Classes you can learn from too!