If you’d like to ask us anything at all, anytime, we always love a chat! You can WhatsApp us, pop us an email at , or call 02084324327.

Alternatively, have a browse of our frequently asked questions below:

As soon as you book, you’ll receive a welcome email, and a welcome pack – introducing you to our course, and how to get the most out of it.

You’ll get access to ‘My Course Hub’ – which is where you’ll manage and control your course from.  It’s a one-stop-shop to book your classes, check your itinerary, access your Class Prep Sheets, and browse the course’s additional resources.


You can do this in ‘My Course Hub’. It’s a very simple, intuitive process, and only takes a few clicks! Once you’re booked, you’ll receive email confirmations & zoom links via email. Plus, all itinerary will be stored in ‘My Course Hub’, so you have easy access to all your classes.

We run as many as we can – the more popular the course, the more time options will be available.

When booking a course, select the course you’re interested in.  On that course’s page, you’ll find the precise dates and times available to you.

You need:
A laptop/tablet to join the classes from
A good internet connection
Ideally, the zoom app and a zoom account. Though you can simply join from your browser, without either of these

For each of the five live & interactive classes, you’ll receive a ‘Class Prep Sheet’.  This sets out which ingredients you’ll need to buy for the class (as well as a small equipment list, tiny prep list, and the method for the recipes too).  

For all our classes, we offer swaps/substitutions for all dietary requirements!

Cookable is all about flexibility, so even if you forgot an ingredient, we’ll find a solution on the class!

We like to keep equipment to a minimum.  We’ll state the equipment needed for each class on the ‘Class Prep Sheet’.   And, if you ever are missing anything, we’ll always discover as solution with you in the class.  

The course lasts five weeks, and you’re expected to take one class each week.  We run the classes multiple times, so that you can choose when suits you best each week. 

If you do happen to miss a class, we’ll share a class that has been recorded previously.

Yes, at 30 people.   It’s beneficial to learn as a group, as different participants will encounter different challenges.  As a group, everyone will learn how to overcome each one.  

30 people is optimal to allow everyone to learn from each other, whilst intimate enough for anyone to be able to ask any question, any time.