Feisty Prawn Laksa

It takes no prisoners.  Makes no compromises.  This, is our Feisty Prawn Laksa – a gorgeous coconut curry soup with prawns.

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Get ready to make one of the hottest, sassiest, punchiest dishes around.  It takes no prisoners.  Makes no compromises.  This, if our Feisty Prawn Laksa – it will take on any takeaway, anyday.  

A gorgeous coconut curry soup with prawns, we’ll teach you to make it at its best.  It’s a cracking dish to master, perfect for showing off at dinner parties, or for recovering after a long weekend!

We’ll start by taking care over the famous, fiery paste.  A combination of combative aromatics – including chillies, spices, and shrimp paste.  We’ll teach you to adjust the paste so it suits your preferences.  

Then we’ll turn the paste into a gorgeous broth, generous with coconut milk, infused with further aromatics and seasonings.  

Finally we’ll go to town on the toppings.  Prawns, perfectly poached eggs, pickled cucumber, green beans, beansprouts, herbs & lime.  And of course – all bought together with bouncy noodles.  

This Fiesty Prawn Laksa has everything.  It’s combative and aromatic.  Rich and comforting.  Vibrant and fresh.  An absolute stunner to learn to make, and easy to repeat again and again. 

What You’ll Learn:

  1. An introduction to Malaysian ingredients, and how to use them
  2. How to master a Laksa paste – the heart and soul of your dish! And how to adjust and balance to your preference.
  3. The secret to the perfect toppings that will accompaniment and suit the fiery paste

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