Classic Spaghetti Carbonara

In just 1 hour we’ll teach you to nail this rich, oozy, famous classic.

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Oh yes.  A classic spaghetti carbonara.  Can you beat it?  Probably not.  

An iconic dish – easy to get wrong, but simple to get right – if you know how.  We’ll celebrate its simplicity, and ensure we get the details spot-on. A magical combo of a few good ingredients, combined with smart techniques; delivers the creamiest, most indulgent carbonara possible.  

Garlic?  Cream?  Parsley?  Not here – we’re going to keep ours classic – with just 5 ingredients!   Pancetta, parmesan, eggs, pasta & black pepper.

In just one hour – we’ll share the secrets, tips and tricks to nailing a carbonara every-time.  A perfect way to spend a weekday evening, or a cheeky date-night in!

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Secrets to a classic carbonara
  2. How to create the carbonara ‘cream’
  3. Top 3 chefs’ tips to cooking pasta to perfection

How It Works:

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  3. Join the live, interactive class. Pour yourself a glass before hand, and get ready for a bit of fun, learning and cooking!


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