Aromatic Chicken Biryani

Master an Aromatic Chicken Biryani – a real showstopper – alongside a cooling raita, vibrant tamarind chutney, and quick-pickled onions!

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Fluffy spiced rice.  Tender aromatic chicken.  Jammy caramelised onions.  All layered up and baked together – with lots of love.  Served piping hot on a platter, accompanied by cooling and refreshing homemade chutneys. This is what cooking is all about!

Biryani is a brilliant dish to master – it has a reputation for being complex or intricate, but in this class we’ll simplify and demystify.  

You’ll learn how to develop distinctive flavours into each component of the Biryani.  You’ll understand the craft of layering and baking the dish – so each component is cooked to perfection.  Plus, you’ll whip up three stunning accompaniments.  A creamy & cooling raita.  A fresh & tangy tamarind chutney. And some sweet & spiced pickled onions. 

This dish is a real showstopper – brilliant for special occasions, and to cook for friends and loved ones.  Take this class, and you’ll learn how to master a Byriani in your home!

What You’ll Learn:

  1. An introduction to spices, their roles, uses – and how best to bring them to life
  2. How to build a biryani, layer flavours, and bake to perfection
  3. How to make 3 delicious chutneys and pickles – and how to make sure they compliment the main dish

How It Works:

  1. Join Club Cookable (or log in) – then click ‘book your place’ at the top of the page.
  2. You’ll receive an email from us with a Zoom link and Class Prep Sheet (including ingredients & equipment list). You’ll also receive full details on how to join, alongside reminders as we approach the date!
  3. Join the live, interactive class. Pour yourself a glass before hand, and get ready for a bit of fun, learning and cooking!


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