Why Cookable?

To champion home-cooking.

To empower you to cook more meals from scratch – through free courses and classes.

To enable you to find cooking easier – with practical tips & skills that actually work.

To inspire you to feel at home and at ease in the kitchen – by removing the faff, nonsense and rules!

Everyone should get the chance to learn to cook. Now, you can bring real, live teaching into your kitchen! Hope to see you soon for some good-looking-cooking! Jack


Before Cookable I was Head Chef & Head Teacher of The Jamie Oliver Cookery School.

I’ve driven food/education campaigns such as BiteBack’s ‘Cook with Jack’, and Jamie Oliver’s ‘Keep Cooking Daily’.

From leading in-person schools to creating online ones – no one in the UK has taught more people to cook!


My vision is that we cook more at home. Specifically, more meals made from scratch.

If we can rely less on convenience, we’ll save money, live healthier – and enjoy meals even more!

I hope we can start a revolution with fun, down-to earth and accessible courses!


Less rules. More cooking. I want you to do things your way. Forget what you’re told, and do what feels right.

So, let’s do this together. Let’s break the rules, cut the faff, and simplify. Let’s keep things real, digestible and relatable. I hope you’ll feel inspired, and empowered to conquer your kitchen.

All in all, I want you to have the freedom to love cooking again. Power to the home-cooks!!